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    Company profile

    Ningbo Tunwell Food Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Zhejiang Xiangshan Chengdong industrial park,is a professional OEM and ODM manufacturer of beer brewing equipments,wine brewing equipments and beverage processing equipments.Tunwell insist on quality first principle,has 20 years of experience in design and processing in the stainless steel industr.With abundant technical force and reasonable price has set up a bridge of friendship with all of our customers.

    We are continuously provide customers more efficient,more safer and more energy efficient integrated brewing solutions.Combined with mature manufacturing process,in the actual process,we constantly interact with the winemaker,make our products more perfect.Tunwell in line with"all for customer satisfaction"objective,committed to establish long-term and stable patership with customers,based on practical,quick response to meet customers'demand,In the creasingly force competition market grow up together with the customers,Provide all-around service for the users.

    Tunwell is full of vigour,vitality,passion and life.We would progress with customers,parters,suppliers forever,to create value together.

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